Manhunt Minecraft servers


Manhunt Minecraft servers

Manhunt in Minecraft is a fast-paced, addictive game mode that was popularized by “Dream”, a well-known YouTuber.

Manhunt is possible in Minecraft in many different ways. Most people use two or three “hunters” to find and kill a “survivor”. Survivors can choose to either survive for a set amount of time, or complete the game.

Minecraft servers are some of the best places to play Manhunt easily. These servers allow players to quickly join games with other players and even have the option of choosing whether they want to be a survivor or hunter.

Five of the best Minecraft servers for Manhunt

Purple Prison – IP address

As one of the most popular Minecraft prison servers, Purple Prison features great Manhunt events. These events can be joined by players simply by entering any of the designated PvP zones on the server.

Purple Prison has thousands of players and supports all versions Java Edition Minecraft from 1.7.x to the most recent.

RelayMC – IP:

RelayMC allows players to play a Manhunt mode similar to that of popular YouTube creators like “Dream”, “Tommyinnit,” and “GeorgeNotFound.”

There is also a competitive Manhunt mode on the server where players can participate in ranked matchmaking to gain skill ratings.

OneBlock MC – IP: or

OneBlock MC, another great server, is perfect for quick jump into a Manhunt game.

This server will be of particular interest to Bedrock players. This server is able to connect to both Java Edition and Bedrock clients, unlike all the other servers.

Tumbleweed – IP address

Are you tired of the Manhunt gamemode? Manhunt on Tumbleweed MC, a fast-paced, wild-western game mode that features guns and other weapons, is a great way for you to spice it up, especially for those who are already familiar with this genre.

MC Manhunt – IP:

MC Manhunt is the perfect server for those looking for a popular, no-nonsense Manhunt server. It's fast and easy to find games.

MC-Manhunt is a standard Manhunt server, so it keeps things simple gameplay-wise. It does exactly what it says, allowing anyone to jump into quick Manhunt games.

Fans of YouTubers like Dream will be pleased to know that the Manhunt game mode mechanics are similar to popular Minecraft Manhunt YouTube videos.