How to farm emeralds in Minecraft


How to farm emeralds in Minecraft

An emerald, a Minecraft resource, is available naturally and can be traded by villagers.

It is easy to find Emeralds and they are not as valuable as diamonds.

Players should be able to easily locate natural emerald ore if they know where to search.

Each farm has its own advantages and the player can choose which one they prefer.

1) Basic Bedrock Emerald Farm

This intuitive design for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (though Java may also work) uses the mechanic that allows players to cure a zombie villager and receive huge discounts.

Although it can be difficult to build the structure, the concept is very straightforward. Flip a lever to cause a zombie villager to attack the player. Players flip the lever to turn the villager into a zombie villager.

The button can then be pressed to disperse a splash potion that weakens the zombie villager.

After giving the zombie villager a golden Apple, it will be cured. Players will receive a discount.

You can do this multiple times until the village offers an emerald in exchange for a piece of paper. This will enable players to accumulate a lot of emeralds.

2) Rays Works' Tower Farm

This design was popularized in Minecraft1.17. However, there have been some nerfs. It can still produce lots of emeralds, despite the changes made to raid appearances in version 1.18.

It is the intention of this premise that a single villager be placed at the base of the tower. The player can then rest in the “kill zone,” while the area to the top will be used to spawn pillagers.

After defeating a pillager captain, players will be granted the Bad Omen status effect. They can still produce thousands of emeralds an hour after they have won the Bad Omen status effect.

Although it is not an easy task to construct, it's definitely worth it once it's operational.

3) Fluid Pillager Drop Tower

This emerald farm, popularized by Mysticat allows players to gather drops from raiding pillagers.

It works in a similar way to a drop tower. The pillagers are drawn in to attack the hidden villager, and they get caught in the water. They fall down a chute, taking damage until near death. They can be easily taken out by players using a sword swipe.

The mechanism can be used to spawn ravagers on top of a block lava. This will hold them in place and damage them over time.

This farm has one problem: players must receive Bad Omen every time they wish to use it.

4) Sticks to Emerald Farm

Selling sticks for emeralds can be one of the most lucrative trades in Minecraft. Because sticks are easy to find from trees, this is why they are so popular.

This Minecraft Bedrock build, which is not clear if it works with Java, uses a piston system. It connects a villager to its worksite block (in our case, a fletchingtable).

Players can trade quickly with villagers using a pressure plate to convert sticks into emeralds. The piston system can then be used to make the villager jobless, before putting its profession back as a fletcher. This resets the trades that are possible.

5)Practical Tower Farm

This Minecraft build is similar to the tower farm. It follows the same principles as the previous builds. It uses a five-villager format to increase the benefits of version 1.18, after the raiding rework.

Pillagers can be dropped from multiple floors of towers, and take suffocation or fall damage. Before the player can kill them with an attack, they must be swept through.

While the materials for their material, such as saddles can be collected, ravagers are being pushed up and suffocated.

Bad Omen is required to create this build, as well as many other raid farms. It is possible for players to build it in the ocean, but close enough to a pillager post where a captain could be killed.

6) Perpetual Manual Pillager Tower

This Minecraft build is unfortunately not automated but it makes an excellent emerald farming site if the player has enough time.

After the player has received Bad Omen they can use the water elevator to get to the middle kill level.

Ravagers and Pillagers will appear above the kill floor. They can then be easily killed using a melee attack. Players will have to manually collect the items from the chests.

Minecraft players can still ride the water elevator to the top, even after the waves have been defeated. Thanks to the farm, the raid should be re-initiated.

This creation is a great choice for players who are looking for an efficient emerald farming operation, due to its easy availability of materials.

Cowking's Amazing Raid Farm

This is the most powerful emerald farm that a Minecraft player can build in Minecraft 1.18. It works in the same way as other stacking raid farms, but it has more automation.

You can also get a staggering 200,000 emeralds an hour if you remain in the kill area and attack the weak pillagers.

It also produces a lot of redstone dust, and Totems of Undying. This makes it a great multi-purpose farm in Minecraft. This creation is not easy to build but it will make you forget about emeralds.

Unfortunately, the farm cannot be AFKed. However, that's not the main problem. It's otherwise incredibly efficient.