Custom Mesa biome


Custom Mesa biome

Minecraft players are known for their creative skills and willingness to use every ounce of it. Some people prefer to spend months or even years perfecting their skills, while others are more focused on exploration and combat.

Reddit allows users to share their talents with other members of the community. There are thousands of gamers sharing their builds and seed discoveries every day on r/Minecraft, and the sister subreddits that deal in seeds and builds.

Redditor shared a detailed build recently in the official subreddit. It is made up of custom-made terrain that has been placed in the mesa Biome. The biome is home to many blocks, including red sand and terracotta as well as dirt.

The build centers around a huge valley with high mountains on both sides. The middle of the build was designed to look like a hilly savanna biome.

It is made up of trees, sticks and grass blocks. Each pathway links the peaks of the mountain sides with their base via natural steps that gradually increase in height. The western mountain range tree is the highest point of the structure, reaching up to Y level 245

Although it is not known how long this build took, Redditor confirmed that he used the “World Machine”, a software program to create the map. This is a free terrain-generating software that can be used by AAA game studios to create detailed and large-scale world terrains.

Terrain generation is very realistic and takes only a few minutes to create.

Redditors' reactions

Reddit users were kind enough to compliment the build, and gamers made wholesome jokes about it.

Redditor has posted a link to this build in Reddit chat. This allows others to download it and experience it themselves. It is recommended that users increase their render distance to fully appreciate the build's depth, detail, and immersion.